Hydraulic comparison

The hydraulic comparison of the construction describes an essential aspect of the optimization of the whole system. It makes sure, that all radiators or heating circles of the underfloor heating are getting provided with that amount of hot water, that is necessary to achieve the wished thermal output.

Without the haydraulic comparison it may happen, that some rooms are provided with too much warmth while other rooms are not getting warm enough. The result is a high energy usuage, because the radiator is usually regulated higher, to reach the wished temperature in the room. Even worser: the heat generator (central-heating boiler, heat pump etc.) is overdimensioned.

How is the hydraulic comparison working?

At a hydraulic comparison the exact heating load is getting calculated. In every room there will be scaled which heating waterflows are needed to get the room to the right temperature. Pressure losses are getting estimated and all temperature control devices are being examined. Also it will be analysed, which performance of the circulating pump should have at the given situation. After the inventory the optimization of the construction follows.

Especially at buildings the possibly savings is very high. Existing constructions often include high-class components, only the cooperation of all components is missing. Often it is wise to change old components and high energy appliances against new products.

By matching all heating components a energy safe of up to 2% can be realized.