Solutions for private clients

Here we like to guide owners of detached houses on their way to energy saving. Not allways complete restorations are possible and success shall be reached through several small actions. Especially here vision is needed, so all steps will be based on the first actions. Often it is possible to realise a quite high level of saving with a manageable budget, so these savings can pioneer all coming steps.

At the beginning, there is an informal conversation in wich we capture your problems and wishes. Allready at that point approaches and budgets can be marked.

These very points will be written down and after all datas were collected and the object was inspected a list of measures will be taken. As it is your wish, we work side by side with your very own object engineers or we convey companies who share and implement our philosophy.

The following picture gallery shows you some of our realized projects that can act as a makeshift for you.