The seminar hotel

Made from a former manor house, placed under a preservation order a seminar hotel shall be constructed here. Energy sources like wood, solar and gas will be used. The special challenge at objects like this is the combination of different heat sources and its connection.

Because of the high amounts of firewood from a own small forest, from the beginning it was clear that this will be the favorite fuel. Second solar heat came into consideration to realise a basic load as cost-efficient as possible. This had to be bring in line with the planned thermal power station to reach reasonable transit times. The peak load is ensured by using a gas condensation boiler.

During the construction time at first the layerheap was installed (2x1450l) and also a wood carburator kettle (50KW) and a gas condensation boiler (170KW). The heat distribution is made by 4 separately regulated heating circles, the supply with warm water is made by a fresh water station with a parated circulation system.

At this project the following manufacturers were insolved:

Speichertechnik, Solar und Warmwasserbereitung, Regeltechnik Solvis

Holzvergaserkessel Guntamatic

Gasbrennwertkessel Weishaupt

Pumpentechnik Wilo