One of the most important components of a heating system is the layer store in which all produced energies being collected and saved and also give away to the consumers. It is the heating manager and makes sure that the energy is distributed efficient and reasonable inside the house.

In detail:

In most cases the heat generators produce more energy inside the house than it is needed. This leads to chopping which means frequenly on/off switching of the machines and equipment combined with bad efficience and high deterioration. This can be avoided with a layer store because the heat generator got longer transit times and downtimes.

Solar energy is needed in times with minor demand, every "gathered" sunbeam must be saved and be used first time when there is demanded. It will be accomplished that the primary generator will be used not before there is no more energy in the store.

Hot water generation happens through a external Plate heat exchanger, it will allways be produced as much water in the right temperature as needed. Problems like calcification and overheating are excluded. Also a legionella precautions is easy to realise.

Biomass heatings (especially gas condensation boiler and housing ovens) can not just be switched off, the heat volume that is developed during the incineration has to be absorbed completely by the layer store.

The integrated regulation makes sure that all attached components work together, so e.g. the gas- or oilheater is switched off as long as there is enough energy available in the layer store or is delivered by solar heat or biomess. Also the amount of buffered water can be arranged by the regulator and the time when it is buffered for the processing of drinking water and when and for how long a circulating pump maybe shall run. Also when different heating circles shall supply the rooms with warmth. All those values can be saved, visualised and regulated or monitored from afar.

A layer store can be adjusted to changing rquirements at any time. It is and allways will be the control center and the heart of the heating system.