Basics of heating engineering

In this category i try to explain different heating systems and types of constructions and to write about basics. If you think about the fact, that 75% of the energy requirement inside builidings are used for heating and another 12% for water preparation there is an extrem high saving potential. But also important is the choice of the right heating system and the right energy source. Die usuage of solar heat and high efficient heating systems should the base. Where ever it seems reasonable and economical realizable decentral power supply can be used and a part of the needed energy can be produced locally. So the power supply systems can be discharged and it is possible to disclaim micropollutants power stations.

Useful heat technology

The useful heat technology is the best available technology for central-heating boilers at these days. These constructions offer different advantages. Primarily they satisfy, because it is possible to save up to 30% energy with this technique. Also the useful heat technique works very eco-freindly by saving fossil fuels and operating with low issuances. A central-heating boiler with useful heat technology, comparing with a conventional one, uses the heat of condensation from the steam of the exhaust fumes, which arise at the burn of the energy carrier and so produces additional energy.

Communal Heating Power Stations

Communal Heating Power Stations, or CHPs, work with the principle of cogeneration, which means that a combustion engine or stirling engine powering a generator that produces power. The emerging warmth can be used directly. A big advantage of systems like that is the decentral production of energy without long conduction losses and unefficient working power stations, that only depollute warmth as a by-product.

Solar heat

Solar heat means the usage of the sun heating drinking water, heating or the use of process heat. With a solar collector you get a little bit more independance, because the considerable of price rises of raw materials and energy deliveries make them loose their influence to the energy extraction. Even with clowdy skies solar energy is being produce.


Based on rising costs for gasoline ans oil and its political importance, many customers choose a biomass heater. By now there are a multitudes of providers of different fuels.

Biomass means all naturals fuels. The biggest meaning has wood, because it is a good energy carrier and energy supplier. By burning wood energy is being extracted. The advantage is, that wood is growing continuously, has a neutrally carbon footprint. So it is very eco friendly, like all the other natural fuels.