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Why we do, what we are doing...?

Right from the 80s of the last century I realized that the ongoing waste of raw materials and energy will end into a climate collapse.

Only together we can stop the climate change and make sure that also our children can grow up in a worth living world. It helps nobody to say: "the others don´t do nothing either". We have the possibility and means to change something, so we have to do it!

In my oppinion the most important elements are saving enegery and the consequent use of solar power and the peripheral power supply, whereever it is practicable.

With this awareness i trageted to do my very best to help my clients using our rescources the most worthwhile way and whenever possible to reduce the energy consumption.

Energieprojekt is a company that set itself the target to support you with the efforts to save energy and to show you the paths to get there. We are on your side consultative and planing when it comes to optimization of the building technologies.

Let us take the path together into and for a healthy world.

Make an counseling appointment where we show you your wish coming true in a reasonable cost-value ratio.